where to buy celo

In this guide, we will discuss how and where to buy Celo What the Celo blockchain is all about and its applications.

Celo is a global payment infrastructure for cryptocurrencies that targets mobile users. The asset's important role in the financial services market has led investors to buy Celo.

Where to buy Celo - a quick guide

Step 1: Open an eToro account

Open an account with eToro - Start by entering some personal information.

👨🏻‍🦰Step 2:Verification

Verification - Have your passport on hand to verify your ID card, as well as documents proving your address.

💳  Step 3: Deposit

eToro supports multiple payment methods, which means you can easily deposit a minimum of 10$.

🔎 Step 4: Search for cryptocurrency

Search Celo - Search directly by typing "CELO" in the top toolbar of eToro.

🛒 Step 4: Buy cryptocurrency

You can invest in Celo from as little as $10.

The following sections of this guide explain the Celo buying process in more detail. 

Where to buy Celo cryptocurrency

Choosing the right place to buy Celo cryptocurrency can be problematic. There are certain features to consider when searching for the best platform to buy cryptocurrency assets. We have reviewed below the top four choices based on fees, user experience, regulations and security.

For those looking to buy a cryptocurrency like Celo, read our reviews The best cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers 2023.

1. eToro - Overall the best platform to buy Celo cryptocurrency

eToro the perfect platform for both new and experienced cryptocurrency traders with which you can easily buy Celo. Founded in 2007, eToro is a one-stop shop for all financial investment services.

The platform offers more than 45 different cryptocurrency assets and is intuitive, as new users can easily place trades within minutes. Adding to this, eToro comes with a lot of functionality.

The most popular is CopyTrader, which allows new traders to mirror the trading strategies of more advanced traders. In this way, new traders can better hedge against risks arising from their knowledge gap and generate profits from their investments. In addition, if you are looking for a convenient way to investing in Cleo or any other cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere, then eToro's cryptocurrency app will likely offer everything you need to buy and sell digital assets directly from your mobile device.

buy Celo on etoro

eToro also boasts CopyPortfolio. This automatically rebalances and diversifies users' investment portfolios across several top-performing sectors and regions.

The social trading leader is highly intuitive in terms of usability, allowing both new and existing users to make trades in a few steps. The platform's "Feed" channel gives traders up-to-date news and market trends, enabling them to better position their trades to the appropriate market sentiment.

eToro has variable minimum deposit requirements; users can start with a $10 initial deposit. Supported payment methods include bank transfer, credit/debit card, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and several others. There are no deposit or maintenance fees, although you will have to pay a $5 fee for withdrawals.

The social trading leader is regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Financial Industry and Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Buy Celo on eToro

2. Crypto.com - Buy Celo with a debit or credit card.

Looking to receive cashback rewards when you pay with your cryptocurrencies?

Crypto.com should be your choice. The Singapore-based bitcoin exchange is popular for its bold approach to cryptocurrency trading.

Users get up to 8% cashback for using the Crypto.com Visa Card to pay for services. Also on tap is Crypto.com Earn, which allows investors to get up to 14.5% for staking its cryptocurrencies.

Crypto.com offers more than 250 digital assets and allows investors to buy them at real costs. The platform has a tiered fee structure organized from levels 1 to 9. Creator and recipient fees start at a flat 0.4% for both types of investors and decrease to 0.09% for high net worth investors.

Buy Celo

Crypto.com has deep liquidity and offers fast execution of cryptocurrency trading.Crypto.com offers a high-yield decentralized financial wallet (DeFi). It helps investors easily exchange or sell DeFi cryptocurrencies instantly and earn interest while providing liquidity For a given platform.

The DeFi wallet is equipped with multi-factor authentication (MFA), biometric encryption, and the user's private keys are stored locally. Crypto.com is also one of the best options for cryptocurrency stakings.

Crypto.com is highly intuitive in terms of usability, allowing both new and experienced traders to transact in seconds. Supported payment methods include bank transfer, credit/debit cards and more than 20 fiat currencies.

Crypt.com also offers Crypto.com Pay, which allows investors to easily make payments in more than 22 cryptocurrencies or 28 cryptocurrencies when using other Ethereum wallets to settle transactions.

In terms of security, Crypto.com offers two-factor authentication (2FA), Federal Deposit Insurance Commission (FDIC)-insured balances up to $250,000.

Buy Celo on Crypto.com

3. Coinbase - The best platform to buy Celo cryptocurrencies for beginners

Coinbase has established itself as the go-to platform for all new cryptocurrency investors. Launched in 2012, the exchange aims to be a starter platform for cryptocurrency beginners and has become the leading exchange on the planet.

The Nasdaq-listed company is known for its simplified trading platform and a wide range of digital assets on offer covering more than 300.

Buy Celo on Coinbase

Coinbase allows investors to fund their accounts using automated clearing house (ACH), debit card, Google Pay and ApplePay. The minimum deposit on the platform is $2, and users can easily buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies with the click of a button.

Coinbase is regulated by the FCA and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). More advanced cryptocurrency traders can use the Pro version to get advanced tools and lower fees. In addition, Coinbase operates a cryptocurrency deposit service.

This business unit helps institutional clients securely store their digital assets in cold storage and offline wallets. Coinbase Prime also focuses on attracting institutional investors to the cryptocurrency space and provides top-notch financial trading tools and advanced metrics to support the trading process. It also offers lower fees than a regular Coinbase account.

Buy Celo on Coinbase

3. Binance - the largest cryptocurrency exchange that allows the purchase of Celo

Binance is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. The platform averages a daily trade of well over $65 billion thanks to its unique support of the cryptocurrency market.

You can easily buy, sell Celo As well as more than 500 top digital assets on the Binance exchange. This means that you can buy Terra Luna and other popular altcoins with low transaction fees.

Users have several ways in which they can trade the cryptocurrency market using Binance. In addition, Binance is considered one of the best cryptocurrency lending sites because you can borrow various cryptocurrencies, such as BUSD and Tether.

Buy Celo on Binance

They can both do spot, margin, futures and perpetual trading. The company also offers an Earn program, allowing investors to earn from their saved funds.

Binance charges 0.10% to place a trade; however, this can be further reduced to 0.025% for users with a Binance cryptocurrencies (BNB). The exchange is not regulated, but still maintains the highest level of user verification process. All new users are required to present a driver's license or official passport and complete a facial verification to unlock the full potential of the Binance exchange.

On Binance, users can fund their accounts via bank transfers, debit cards and peer-to-peer (P2P) payment options. Bank transfers usually carry a fee, but debit card transactions carry the highest fee of 3.9%. If you are looking for a free deposit option, you can use a P2P trustless transfer solution.

Binance also supports a smart contract platform referred to as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which allows decentralized applications (dApps) to build DeFi applications In an environment of low fees and high scalability.

Buy Celo on Binance

What is Celo?

The Celo platform aims to be a global payment infrastructure that allows smartphone users to access cryptocurrencies. With this in mind, Celo's platform aims to be available to anyone globally who wants to send and receive payments from the convenience of their cell phone.

Celo acts as a Layer 1 smart contract protocol that enables the development of decentralized applications (dApps) . These dApps are mainly used for community-driven initiatives and social causes.

Central to Celo's blockchain operations are two utility tokens comprising CELO and Celo Dollars (cUSD). CELO is used to manage Celo's blockchain and network transaction fees, while cUSD is a digital cryptocurrency that reflects the price performance of the US dollar. Each cUSD is backed at a 1:1 ratio by US dollars.

Using a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus architecture, the Celo blockchain processes more transactions than its proof-of-work (PoW) variants, making the protocol more suitable for large-scale transactions. In order for validators to power the blockchain, they must stake or commit a minimum of 10,000 CELO tokens.

The Celo blockchain uses a unique variant of the PoS consensus protocol called Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT), which ensures that all 100 validation nodes are always synchronized.

The mobile-friendly blockchain design runs on three main components: light, validation and full nodes. Light nodes allow Celo blockchain applications to run on a user's mobile device.

Validator nodes are distributed computer systems that validate transactions, add new blocks and participate in consensus. Full nodes largely consist of distributed computers that bridge the gap between the light node and the validator node. They receive transactions from the light node and forward them to the validation node for processing.

Is Celo a good investment?

Below are reasons why investors should consider investing in Celo cryptocurrency

1. celo is widely available

Celo blockchain draws heavily on the vision of Bitcoin's founder to build a financial tool that anyone can tap into. Blockchain allows anyone with a smartphone device to send and receive cryptocurrencies for services rendered and received. This makes the protocol much more suitable for mass adoption.

2. celo to WhatsApp for money

Everyone remembers the widespread impact of social messaging app WhatsApp and how it changed the idea around instant messaging. Celo is set to have that life-changing impact, as it allows people to receive and send funds using their mobile number as their wallet address.

3. celo is focused on the user

Celo's focus on the smartphone market shows its single-minded approach to solving the global unbanking crisis. First, there are more people with cell phones than those with residences and bank accounts. Plugging Celo into this vast ecosystem makes it a user-focused blockchain, not just one that enables the development of financial tools not available to anyone.

4. Crypto Boom is Rising

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular by the day, and blockchain protocols are expected to play a key role in the continued growth of the nascent industry. Celo's ability to bring this solution to the masses could help accelerate this process and position it as the protocol of choice in the coming years.

Celo price forecast

In terms of its future potential value, it can only be estimated using current and past performance. Some popular forecasting websites post their 1-year estimates at $4,949, with a five-year high of $13,123.

Other cryptocurrency analysts are more conservative and estimate $4.24 by 2023 and $8.94 five years later. More optimistic analysts place their projected price of the Celo cryptocurrency at $6.43 by 2023 and $41.38 by 2028.

How and where to buy CELO

Now that you know where to buy CELO, here are some ways to buy the cryptocurrency.

1. buy CELO using PayPal

PayPal is probably the largest online payment processor in the world right now. The platform is convenient and ubiquitous, enabling hundreds of millions of people to make easy purchases. If you're looking for how and where to buy CELO, this is a good way to do it. PayPal allows you to buy CELO cryptocurrency in several ways.

PayPal is available at eToro, Coinbase and other platforms mentioned above. So you can directly fund your wallet with money from your PayPal account.

Before using PayPal, make sure how much the platform charges to make a purchase. Once you have ascertained what fees are involved.

2 Buy CELO with a credit card or debit card.

Credit and debit cards are also preferred because of their convenience. Almost everyone has a card for making purchases, and most exchanges and brokerage platforms accept this method. So you don't have to worry about compatibility.

All the platforms mentioned above allow you to purchase CELO Coin using cards. So, the money moves from your bank account to the platform's wallet.

Like PayPal, this method also has fees as its only concern. Card issuers charge different fees to their customers based on a number of factors, and you want to make sure you're okay with the fees before moving on.

Best Celo cryptocurrency storage wallet

Celo wallet

Now that you know how and where to buy CELO, it is also important to know where to keep cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency wallets are the best solution in this regard. They are secure, making it easy for you to transact with cryptocurrencies. Available cryptocurrency wallets include:

Hardware portfolios: Physical devices that are not connected to the Internet. Although they are not as easy for regular transactions, they are the safest choice. However, it's worth noting that hardware wallets aren't so great for those looking to send money immediately. By storing their cryptocurrencies in cold wallets, these devices take longer to process transactions.

Program portfolios: Programs on your computer that are installed and allow you to make transactions with a few taps. With software wallets, you will need to be careful about security. These wallets are installed on your device, so you need to make sure there are no malicious programs or viruses that could sneak in and steal your wallet information.

Mobile wallets: Apps installed on the phone for seamless transactions. Mobile wallets are particularly good because they allow you to send and receive money instantly. However, you also need to be careful with your private keys and the wallets themselves.

Of all the wallets available, we recommend using the eToro Money wallet. This wallet is optimized for security and convenience, allowing you to send money easily while keeping your funds safe.

Like eToro itself, the eToro Money wallet is our top choice among available cryptocurrency wallets. If you want to make easy transactions, this is your best bet.

eToro Money is a mobile wallet that allows you to send and receive money to and from any wallet in general. With easy compatibility and access to other wallets, this product opens you up to the entire cryptocurrency market.

eToro Money is equipped with security features such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and machine learning for analytical behavior. These features help the wallet keep your funds safe while alerting you in case of suspicious activity. The wallet also employs multiple levels of encryption, protecting your transactions from malicious characters.

Remember, however, that the wallet does not give you control over your private keys. eToro maintains control and custody of all private keys, but you can rest assured that the exchange will not sign transactions without your permission. Also, if you lose access to your wallet, there is a simple recovery process you can follow to get it back.

Also keep in mind eToro's transaction limits. You cannot send more than 10,000 $ of cryptocurrency in a single transaction, and eToro limits all daily transactions to 20,000 $. Monthly, your transaction limit is set at $50,000.

Buy Celo on eToro

How to buy Celo cryptocurrency - a guide

Now let's look at how to buy a CELO. eToro is our top choice for brokers, so we will use it.

1. register

etoro registry

Go to home page eToro and click "Join Now." Enter your email address and password, and eToro will send you an email to confirm your account. Click on the link provided and you would have successfully created an account.

2. verify your identity

Identity verification is a critical part of working with eToro. While you may choose to proceed without completing this step, you will not be able to use eToro's suite of products and services - including trading limits and more.

Verify your identity on etoro

Go to the verification section and click on the "Verify" button. You will need your government-issued ID and proof of residence to complete the verification process. After uploading these documents, your account should be verified within minutes.

3. deposit of funds

Deposit funds to etoro

Click the "Deposit" button on your profile page. eToro allows you to deposit via bank transfers, online payment processors and cards.

We will recommend using cards because they are the most convenient and ubiquitous. In addition, cards are widely accepted - unlike bank transfers and payment processors, where you may have limitations based on your location.

4. buy CELO

buy CELO crypto

Type "CELO" in the search box. Click on "Open Trade," enter how much you want to buy, and then click on "Trade. " Once the trade is confirmed, the purchased CELO tokens should be added to your wallet immediately.

How to sell Celo

To sell your CELO tokens, follow the steps below.

Click on the "Portfolio" button to see the CLEO tokens you own
Select "CELO" among the assets in your portfolio.
Click on the red cross on the right to close the deal.
You will see a window showing the value of the cryptocurrency and your profit or loss if you close the deal.
Click "Close Trade" and the money will be sent to your wallet.

Buy Celo on eToro


CELO is an impressive cryptocurrency with excellent applications and a growing community of investors. Without a doubt, this is one cryptocurrency with a bright future.

If you would like to buy CELO, we recommend using eToro. This broker is known for its user-friendliness and impressive features, including commission-free trading and the Copy Trader feature that helps beginners make money.

FAQ - When buying Celo cryptocurrency

CELO is available on various exchanges. We recommend buying on eToro because it makes it easy for beginners to enter the market. With zero commission trading and an easy-to-use interface, eToro is the ideal exchange for anyone looking to buy CELO.

You can buy CELO cryptocurrency on various exchanges, but we recommend eToro. The broker offers a great suite of features that make it easy to buy CELO, including zero commission trading, a low minimum balance and an impressive social trading feature.

CELO appears to have a bright future. The asset is tied to the Celo blockchain, which is working hard to make payments more seamless for billions around the world. More people are expected to jump on the Celo network in the future, and that can only be a bullish sign for CELO.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and should not be taken as financial advice either. Every investment and transactional activity involves risk, so you are advised to do your own research when making any trading, investment or financial decisions.

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