is a cryptocurrency platform that offers many opportunities in the crypto sector. It allows storage, transfer and exchange between more than 170 cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin) and local currency (e.g. PLN,GBP, EUR, USD and 20 other fiat currencies).

With the Visa card, you can also spend your cryptocurrencies anywhere Visa is normally accepted worldwide (and get up to 8% back).

Is it the best crypto debit card ?

Check out this card review to learn more. card review

What do we siLIKE:

+ A very well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform
+ Over 170 different cryptocurrencies available for trading
+ Visa contactless debit cards (issued and delivered FREE)
+ 100% cashback on Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime

Things we didn't like:

You need to rack up a lot of CRO to unlock the highest discounts.


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Things on the plus side:

Very fast account verification
Over 170 different cryptocurrencies available for trading
Free Visa debit cards (no maintenance fees)
100% cashback on Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime

Things on the downside :

You need to rack up a lot of CRO to unlock the highest discounts.

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Who created was founded in June 2016 by Kris Marshal (CEO), Rafaela Melo (CFO), Gary Or (CTO) and Bobby Bao (Head of Corporate Development). In June 2017, they raised $26.7 million from their Monaco (MCO) initial coin offering. They are headquartered in Hong Kong and currently have a team of over 900 people worldwide. was previously known as Monaco (MCO) - but was renamed in July 2018 after the acquisition of the domain.

They recently announced that they have 10 million users worldwide, after reaching 5 million just 4 months earlier. products

What products does offer?

✓ Visa card: Trade your cryptocurrency and spend it wherever it is accepted Visa.

✓ application: Buy and sell an ever-growing number of cryptocurrencies. You can use the app to receive, store and send cryptocurrencies.

✓ Crypto Pay: Buy gift cards from many popular brands and recharge your phone using cryptocurrencies. It also allows you to pay all merchants who use 'Crypto Pay Checkout' using Bitcoin (BTC) and other popular cryptocurrencies.

✓ Crypto Earn: Earn up to 12.5% in interest on your cryptocurrency deposits.

✓ Crypto Credit: Deposit cryptocurrencies and receive credits to spend on your Visa card.

✓ Exchange: Trade popular cryptocurrencies with low transaction fees (up to 0.16%). DeFi Wallet: Earn interest on your cryptocurrencies.Store cryptocurrencies in a wallet that belongs only to you (i.e. you control the private keys). VISA Card - What benefits and opportunities does it offer its users? card capabilities

The Visa card allows cryptocurrency payments in stores and online. It is accepted wherever Visa is normally accepted - that is, at more than 54 million merchants and ATMs worldwide.

There are a number of different Visa cards to choose from. To unlock the highest cashback and access other benefits, you'll need to staka CRO in the app. The more CRO you manage to freeze, the better level of card you will be able to order.

At the moment, depending on the type of VISA card you have, copper is available, among others : unlimited and free use of LoungeKey™ at airports,one of the most favorable exchange rates,no processing fees and no card fees.

✓ For travelers : 10% discount on every booking on portals Expedia or Airbnb

✓ For music lovers : Up to 100% return for basic subscription Spotify

✓ Library of movies and series always at your fingertips: up to 100% return for basic subscription Netflix

✓ Best cashback on the market. Forever. Up to 8% cashback on card spending at home and abroad, with no minimum or maximum spending. Cashback of 1% is available starting with the first level card - Midnight Blue.

Starting March 19, 2021, 09:00:00 UTC, the value of the required CRO stake for the Visa card will be converted to the local traditional fiat currency, instead of a predetermined amount of CRO. You can find the new stake values with this rule in mind below:

stake in the CRO charter

What CRO cards are available?

Below you can see the five different types of Visa CRO cards and the required rates for each card.

Obsidian, 1,000,000 CRO (≅ 400,000 USD)

cro obisian card

Frosted Rose Gold and Icy White, 100,000 CRO (≅ 40,000 USD)

Royal Indigo and Jade Green, 10,000 CRO (≅ 4,000 USD)

Ruby Steel, 1000 CRO (≅ 400 USD).

Midnight Blue, No staking required

How do I get a Visa card from

Step 1.

Register using the link below.

Download the App, fill out the KYC and sign up for a CRO VISA card. The App is available for both Iphone and Android.

Link to registration

Step 2.

Purchase of CRO tokens

You must purchase CRO tokens, to get a CRO VISA card according to the table with different types of VISA cards given above in this article. CRO tokens can be purchased directly from the App:

By credit card (Visa/Mastercard)
By bank transfer via SEPA (EUR), ACH (USD), SWIFT or fiat top-up.

You can also buy CRO on other cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bittrex. If you buy CRO tokens on an external exchange, you must deposit them in your Wallet to pledge them for your CRO VISA card.

Step 3

Stacking (freezing) of CRO tokens

You need to freeze your CRO for 6 months, and after this period you will be able to unlock and transfer the staked CRO tokens back to the App where you will be able to simply sell them or swap another cryptocurrency or continue the blockchain to enjoy additional features.

Use of the CRO card and its benefits (cashback, access to LoungeKey™, ATM withdrawal limits without fees and interbank exchange rates) will remain unchanged, with no restrictions.

Step 4 VISA card shipping

You will be notified when your card is ready to be shipped with a request to update your application and perform a stake CRO if you have not already done so.

How to get $25 bonus from ?

1. register your email address with this referral link HERE, to get started.

2. download the app and register using the same email address provided (alternatively, use the Referral Code "vhugz4rwur" when registering if you are downloading the app directly - registration via a referral link is not required).

3 Confirm your email address by clicking on the link that will be sent to your mailbox within 72 hours of the email.

4 Complete the KYC verification process by entering your ID in the app (mine took about 5 minutes to verify).

5 Once the verification is completed, your $25 CRO bonus will appear immediately in your CRO wallet (it is locked).

6 Visit the in-app rewards page via the gift icon on the home screen to see the locked sign-up bonus and click the "Unlock Now" button.

7 To unlock your $25 bonus, you need to stack/freeze $400 in CRO on the Ruby Steel Metal Visa Card for 6 months.

8 To rack up a minimum of $400, you can choose the Ruby Steel (red) version of the card, which offers 2% back in CRO Rewards with a 100% Spotify rebate and no monthly fees, no annual fees and no card issuance fees.

9. you can purchase a CRO worth $400 with a credit/debit card (no charge).

10. as soon as you freeze $400 CRO, your $25 CRO bonus will be immediately unlocked and available to sell, trade or withdraw at your discretion.

11 At the end of the 6-month period, you can unlock your $400 CRO that you have staked by tapping the "Unlock" button in your CRO wallet.

12 You can then withdraw $400 worth of CRO to exchange for another cryptocurrency or simply spend it through your Metal Visa card. reference program $25 -BG25 command program

Unlimited bonus for you and your friends. reference program

After registering with , you can participate in their referral program.

To share the Wallet App with your friends, just visit the gift icon on the home screen in the app.

When you refer a friend who makes a transaction of at least $400 CRO to the Ruby Steel Visa card for at least 6 months, you both receive $25 CRO.

To qualify, your friend must register through your referral link/code, confirm their email address, pass KYC verification, and wager at least $400 CRO on a Ruby Steel Visa Card.

The $25 bonus your referrals will receive will be immediately unlocked as soon as they wager at least $400 in CRO on the Visa card.

You will receive your $25 in CRO in your CRO wallet immediately after your referrals complete their staking.

The $25 bonuses are awarded to both parties at the beginning of the staking period, not at the end of the 6 months, so you'll get your bonus reward right away.

You can share your referral link/code with as many friends as you want and earn unlimited bonuses. VISA card - FAQ

Virtually everywhere you see the Visa card can be paid at more than 40 million points around the world .

With your VISA card you will withdraw cash from virtually any ATM that supports VISA cards.

You can use the virtual card immediately after verification is complete for online recharges and spending while waiting for the metal physical card to arrive.

Users can immediately use the virtual card without activation. virtual card

  1. In the app, go to the "card" tab

  2. In the upper right corner, click on the tab icon

  3. Then click on the text "View Card Number"

All cards whether virtual or physical expire the same,in the application you will find all the information about the expiration date of the card.

Currently, this feature is not available but the team assures that they are working on getting this feature up and running.

Once you receive your physical card, follow these steps:

1. in the upper right corner, click on the tab icon

2. click "Activate Physical Card"

3. complete the identity verification form

4 After successful identity verification, the physical card will be activated. card activation

How do I register on the exchange?

Register on exchange in six steps

Step 1 : Visit in the upper right corner click on the "Registration" button

Step 2 : After redirecting, fill out the registration form and complete all additional steps. Please remember to use your real email address when registering, because it is to this address that an email will be sent with a special code to confirm your registration. You will also need information about your date of birth and the country where you reside to check whether the use of our services is allowed . Remember to successfully register an account on you must be at least 18 years old.

Step 3 : After completing the form, click on the Continue button. In a while you will receive a one-time code (OTP) to the email address you provided. Visit your email inbox to read this code.

Step 4 : On the exchange page, enter the code you received.

Step 5 : After entering the code, set a secure password for your account after which click (Submit).

Step 6 : The next and final step in the registration process is to verify your phone number. Choose an area code from the list (+48 for Poland), and then enter your mobile number. An SMS will be sent to the number you entered with a code confirming the verification. Enter the code in the appropriate field in the registration form on the page, and then press Submit.Done!😃

Registration on exchange for app users

Step 1 : Visit in the upper right corner click on the "Registration" button

Step 2 : Select the option Continue as App User. After redirecting, you will be asked to enter the email address you used to register for the application.

Step 3 : After entering the required data, click the button" Submit" . At this point, an email with a special code will be sent to the email address you provided, confirming your registration and linking your account. Visit your mailbox and in the message from click on the "Connect to Exchange". To complete the registration process, set a password for your account.

Step 4 : Once you have established a secure password to log into your account, click "Submit".Done!😃


What bonuses does the exchange give to new users?

2% Bonus on deposit of funds

New members of the exchange who registered their account after May 11, 2020 receive a 2% bonus paid in CRO for depositing any cryptocurrency (on-chain transfer).

Zero trading commission (0%)

New users of the exchange who registered an account from June 18, 2020 to August 31, 2020 will pay no commission on maker and taker orders for the first 90 days from the date of registration.

Stake-to-Take Program

New and existing users of the exchange from August 31, 2020 can participate in the Stake-to-Take program and earn up to 0.10% in taker commissions.

Interest rates up to 10% per year on cryptocurrency stake

Sale sessions with 50% discount to buy cryptocurrencies on The Syndicate

Registration bonus if referred by an existing Exchange user